AutoCAD Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

AutoCAD is a leading commercial application software which is used for creating 2D and 3D graphic applications. It’s widely used by Graphic Designers, Architects, Engineers and Project Managers according to their requirements. It’s a product created by AutoDesk Inc. The first version was released back in 1982 which ran on micro-computers, and in 2015 AutoCAD is in the market with its 30th generation/version. It’s now a powerful desktop application. We’ve created a complete video course on AutoCAD in Urdu/Hindi, from which you can now learn AutoCAD with ease. In this complete course, you’ll learn AutoCAD latest version which is 2015.


The AutoCad Training in Urdu/Hindi

In this video training series about AutoCAD, our instructor will be Shahzaib Kamal, and he’ll step by step teach you using the software which is mostly used for creating 3D and 2D designs, maps, structures and presentations for small and mega projects such as hotels, houses, buildings, apartments and so on. In this step by step training, you’ll get the theory as well as the basic use of maximum tools available for you in this software.

The Course Structure & Outline

In this course, we’ll first learn to understand the interface of the software (AutoCAD), after understanding the basic theory and interface, we’ll straight start learning the basic tools in AutoCAD, we’ll also create a live project in this course, which will give you a brief idea about practical environment in this great software. The project will be based on 2D and 3D design elements. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to confidently work in AutoCAD, and this course is particularly designed for beginners who just want to learn this software from scratch.

Note: Video list below is hosted on YouTube, so in order to watch the video lectures, please open YouTube first, for which you can use “ZenMate” which is a Chrome Extension, However, if you like then you can also use any other proxy for opening YouTube in Pakistan but before seeing the videos on this page, you must have YouTube already open.

Now, watch below playlist of video tutorials which is from YouTube, and all the videos will be added to this single playlist on this page, you can just watch all the lectures at once on this page, but make sure to watch one video and the next one will play automatically. Enjoy learning AutoCAD!

After watching the video tutorials, I hope you’ll learn something new from it. We’ll upload more courses in near future, which will help you in achieving your learning goals for the future. And if you want to learn more advanced courses then you are always welcome to visit our Buy a DVD page, from where you can select a wide range of courses and get them instantly at your doorstep.

If you have any questions or suggestion then you can simply drop a comment below, and I always like to personally respond to comments posted on this blog. Together, we’ll bring a change in the online education portal in Urdu/Hindi. Happy Learning!


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