Complete Website & Admin Panel in PHP OOP Urdu-Hindi

On this website, you have seen tutorials about web development and web designing for more than half a decade now. Today, I have a tutorials series for you, in which you’ll learn how to create a complete website and admin panel using PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP). If you don’t know the basics of PHP OOP then we have a basic PHP OOP tutorials in Urdu/Hindiphp-oop-urdu

Content Management System in PHP OOP

This is a basic blog + admin panel (CMS) using PHP OOP and Bootstrap. it’ll help you creating a basic but very good looking content management system in PHP OOP which can do all the basic operations such as adding posts, adding categories, deleting and editing posts and categories and so on. The admin panel will also have login and logout systems. Please watch the video playlist below to learn creating website and admin panel yourself.

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