Google Webmaster Tools Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is one of the SEO tools which is used by almost every webmaster to check the SEO related data for each website they have verified inside their GWT account. From search queries to server errors and from sitemaps to backlinks, You’ll find everything in GWT related to your website. So after knowing the importance of this tool, let’s learn it today in Urdu/Hindi, I already had created a complete training about this back in 2013, but since things have changed rapidly and dramatically, therefore, I created a new complete SEO course, in which I also included Google Webmaster training, so I split this part from the full course, and I’m sharing this with you, so you guys can easily learn most of the options/features inside GWT. Let’s dive into the details.


Google Webmaster Tools in Urdu – The Topics:

First of all, as I said this is a great and accurate place to know everything about your site/blog, and secondly, this tool is created by Google itself, so you can further expand learning by exploring Google’s help pages about GWT. But here on this page You’ll learn some of the important topics inside GWT, for example these ones:

  • Site Appearance in Search Results
  • Search Traffic from Google
  • Google Indexing Status
  • Google Crawling Status
  • Security Issues

There are many other sub-topics within the topics I mentioned above, so You guys are gonna learn all of them in this complete video training in Urdu/Hindi. I’ve tried my best to create something useful and helpful for you, now it’s your turn to learn this and implement it the right way.

Google Webmaster – Video Tutorials in Urdu

Now, here is the list of video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi, this is a playlist of video tutorials on YouTube, so make sure to first open YouTube and then come back to this page for watching the videos, just play one video and the next one will play automatically, because this a complete playlist of video tutorials from YouTube. I hope you’ll not face any difficulty while watching these tutorials.

Google Webmaster Tutorials – Playlist

After watching this series of tutorials, You can easily learn Google Webmaster Tools, just don’t only learn, but also go and implement the learning yourself, play with GWT options and features, and I hope you’ll get positive results in very less time. Meanwhile, if you are interested in learning complete 2015 updated SEO then just take our new course which will give you A to Z knowledge about SEO and latest trends. Make sure to visit our Buy a DVD page and see what’s new there and take action according to your needs.

Let me know in the comments if you liked this tutorial or you want to more tutorials to be published on this blog, I always get very happy after seeing you active on this blog, really appreciate your feedback! Thanks!


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