How to Improve Page & Domain Authority of a blog?

Page Authority & Domain Authority are those terms which have taken place in SEO’s minds. Today, they are discussed most often over SEO forums and blogs. I therefore, thought to create a complete tutorial on it in Urdu and thus I’m here with a tutorial regarding PA & DA in Urdu language. These terms were basically created by (Formally known as few years back, but now it’s very important to understand. People from some corners make it Google’s approach towards domains & web pages, but this is not in any way related to Google. I’ll tell you how it works and how it’s determined by the algrithms.

domain-authority-page-authority created an algorithm few years back to Analyze domains across the web as well as single pages rendering on the internet. And thus they came up with a numeric ranking standard for Domain Authority & page Authority. This is given to all domains & all pages something in numbers between 0 to 100. When a domain is just newly registered, it obtains a very few points out of 100 in the starting, for example a new domain always gets 10 to 20 numbers out of 100 after the first 3 months, but the more old is the domain, the more chances are of high numbers. Let’s proceed further.

How Domain Authority rank is given?

MoZ’s system checks 40 different factors while giving ranking to a particular domain, no one knows except the (Moz Team) about the exact 40 factors which are considered before a rank is given. However, as an eye keeper, we can tell you some of the factors which are checked must, and here are they:

  1. The age of the domain
  2. The content of the domain & frequency of updation
  3. The Link Structure of the domain
  4. The Internal Links used in the domain & pointing to the home page
  5. The External Links with High DA & PA websites
  6. The External Dofollow Links with High PR websites
  7. The External Nofollow Links with High DA websites
  8. The Google SERP for that domain
  9. The More Root Domains are pointing to that domain
  10. Social Signals & Google Authorship

The above ten factors are of course checked before giving the ranking to a particular domain by, and you can work hard to improve your domain authority by keeping above points in mind.

Learn Improving Domain Authority in Urdu

Now I’ll not take your precious time further, and we’ll straight come to the main point of this post which is in fact a video tutorial in Urdu, This video is created especially to make you understand about DA & PA, and while attempting to this, I was not at good health. But I tried my best to do it, and I assume it’s somehow useful for watching. Let’s watch it now.

Page Authority & Domain Authority Video in Urdu

So you went through the video, now let me tell you one thing, that you can’t improve your domain Authority until you create quality backlinks or at least links with more & more root domains. The more links you have with more root domains, it will be super easier for MoZ to give you a higher domain authority.

This was the continuation of new SEO series for 2014-15 in which we discussed many aspects of modern SEO, if you want to also watch & read previous tutorials then links are given:

Let us know if you have questions or suggestions either related to this post or related to this blog, I’ll be glad to answer your queries in the comment section below. Peace out!


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