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6 Common SEO Mistakes All Beginners Make For Sure

6 Common SEO Mistakes All Beginners Make For Sure

If you wanna rank your content on the first page of Google, then you know that you can do this if the SEO of your content is perfect. When you learn SEO and go for applying it, you make some mistakes. Actually, all those people who’re professional bloggers now too made these mistakes. As, when you’re a beginner, you’re learning things and you’re supposed to make mistakes. Your common SEO mistakes at that time period give you a lifetime lesson. So, it is good if your little problems are solved at the beginning of your learning period. You can easily correct the common SEO mistakes you’re making once you detect them. Even most of the bloggers know what mistakes they’re making but still they don’t know how to correct them. If you wanna correct the mistakes you’re making in SEO, you must first recognize those mistakes.

6 Common SEO Mistakes All Beginners Make For Sure

Once you’ve recognized the mistakes you’re making in the SEO, you should start searching for the ways to correct them. Google is the best teacher and you can search for the solutions of your problems here. To run a successful blog, you must understand the fact that challenges will keep coming. The second thing you’ve to understand the coming challenges is this that you should get used to of facing challenges. Even when you’ll become a professional blogger, challenges won’t stop coming. Even at that time, challenges would be big but the advantage you would be having is this that you would have got used to of facing challenges. Once you’re used to of this, you won’t be scared anymore and quickly find the solution. But if you’ll keep doing the same mistake constantly, then you should think again about doing blogging.

Common SEO Mistakes:

As I mentioned earlier that there are many challenges that the beginners face in blogging. But I’m presenting you the most common SEO mistakes most of the beginners make. Here below are the SEO mistakes, most of the beginners make.

#1 Too Long Titles

If you want your post to be loved by Google then it’s title must be below 70 characters. You shouldn’t even actually go for 70 and I will suggest you 60 characters. This makes your post look decent and handsome when it comes in front of a visitor. So, you’ve to pick the most attractive words in order to make a handsome title.

#2 Not Doing Keyword Research Properly:

You’ll have to do a proper keyword research before jumping into a project. If your focused keyword isn’t being searched then from where will you get the traffic?

#3 Not Focusing On Keyword Density:

Dealing with keyword density is a very sensitive case and that’s where the real game begins. Your focused keyword must come in between your post 2-4%.

#4 Underestimating The Power Of Meta Description:

The length of your met description shouldn’t be more than 155 characters.

#5 Images without ALT Tags:

Must include your focused keyword as the tag of your image.

#6 Writing Too Short Content:

A handsome article must consist of 300-500 words.

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